Open Sessions can help event organisers schedule sessions in a way that matches their plan.

To do this you are able to set up the following session schedules whilst creating your session:

1) One-off events: Your event is a one off event

2) Daily schedules: Your event occurs on a daily basis e.g. every other day

3) Weekly schedules: Your session occurs each week e.g. every Monday

4) Monthly standardised schedules: Your sessions take place on the same date each month e.g. 1st or 25th

For each of the categories above please follow these first initial steps to get you to the correct screen to input your information and the final steps at the bottom of this article to publish your sessions.

Initial steps for all schedule types:

1. Create a new session or go to edit your session by clicking on the pen button.

2. Go onto the 'When' section

1) One-off Event

  • This will appear when you first click 'When'

  • Now simply select the correct date, time and duration.

2), 3), and 4) - recurring session schedules

Select 'This session takes place more than once' and then follow the below instruction

2) Daily Schedule

  • Click the 'Daily' recurrence pattern option and choose how frequent your session occurs.

  • e.g. if your session takes place every other day please type in '2' days

3) Weekly Schedule

  • Click the 'Weekly' recurrence pattern option and then chose which days your session takes place within the week by clicking the appropriate box. You can click multiple boxes.

  • Next, add how frequent your weekly sessions take place e.g. if your sessions take place every week then type the number '1' or if they occur every other week then type '2'.

4) Monthly Standardised Schedule

  • Click the 'Monthly' recurrence pattern option and then chose which date your session takes place each month.

  • e.g. if your session takes place on the 1st of each month type '1' in the 1st box and '1' in the second. If your session takes place every 1st and 15th of every other month then type '1,15' in the first box and '2' in the second.

Final steps for all schedule types:

  • Now you have set up your sessions schedule, go to the bottom of the page where you will find the following options (image). This is asking you to indicate the timeframe in which your session will run.

  • e.g. if your sessions are taking place once each month for a year type in '12' in the 'End after _ occurrences' or if your sessions finish after a certain date click the 'end by' box and select the appropriate date using the calendar to the right.

Now you have added the schedule to your session, click the 'save and publish' button once you are in the 'promotion' section and your sessions will be displayed on activity finders for people to see.

Note: All sessions must have the same start and end time. If you would like to change only the start and end time of a session, but with the same session information, simply duplicate the session and change the times. See our 'How to duplicate a session' article for help on duplicating a session.

Need further support?

At any point you can click on the messaging icon in the bottom right hand corner of the screen to chat to one of the Open Sessions team.

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