Using the Open Sessions widget

Add the widget to your own website to display your session timetable

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What is a widget?

The widget is simply a piece of code that you can add to your own website, which will allow you to display the sessions you add onto Open Sessions on your own site, like below:

Why should I use the widget?

By using the widget, it will automatically display all of the sessions you have added to Open Sessions on your own website, meaning that you don't need to manually update any timetables on your own site. Any updates you make on Open Sessions will be automatically updated on your own site.

How do I use the widget?

Once you have logged in to Open Sessions, click on 'Organisation settings' in the top bar, and then select 'Widget' from the drop down menu.

Once on the widget page, follow the instructions:

1 - you can add a banner photo which will be displayed at the top of your widget (or you can leave it using the generic image already added)

2 - copy the code, and paste it onto your website, or ask your developer to do it for you (here you can change the 'width' and 'height').

3 - let us know where you have added your widget


  • You must disable sandbox attribute in order for the widget to work

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