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Adding your This Girl Can Classes
Adding your This Girl Can Classes

Follow the below to add your This Girl Can Classes

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Click 'Add new session' on your home screen after you have logged in.

Next you want to describe your session:

Session title

1) Always include This Girl Can Classes in the name of the your classes

2) When writing This Girl Can Classes, ‘classes’ should always be plural

3) Name your class using either of the below naming formats:

This Girl Can Classes in [Your Location] (e.g., This Girl Can Classes in Eccles)

This Girl Can Classes at [Your Venue] (e.g., This Girl Can Classes at Kingston Leisure)

Activity type

Click on the dropdown arrow and start typing 'this'. 'This Girl Can Classes' will appear in the dropdown. Click on this and it will populate the activity type.

Session description

Describe your This Girl Can Classes, making it as clear as possible about what participants need to know about your activity. By hovering over the text box, a blue box will appear with a list of questions to think about, and use the example to help you complete your description.

If you need some help getting started with the description, use the below:

Looking to start exercising but not really sure where to start? Nervous about trying something new? At our This Girl Can Classes getting it wrong is totally alright, so if you have two left feet or have never done a push up in your life, these classes are for you!


Select a This Girl Can Classes pre-approved image from the Image Bank provided in your marketing toolkit.

Click 'Next' to move on to the next page, or 'Save and return later' if you wish to complete uploading this session at a later date.

Follow the steps to add the rest of the information about your This Girl Can Class. On the 'Who the session is for' page, make sure to set the minimum age as 16.

Need further support?

At any point you can click on the messaging icon in the bottom right hand corner of the screen to chat to one of the Open Sessions team.

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