The Participant Details window shows you all the information that OpinionX has collected from any single participant in your survey. This includes their email address, any opinions that they submitted in your Text Response block(s), and the results of their voting on any ranking or multiple choice block.

How do I open the Participant Details Window?

There are two ways to open the Participant Details window:

  1. Click any part of the row on the Survey Participants table.

  2. Click the triple dot icon on any Survey Participants row and select "View Details".

Caveats about the Participant Details Window on OpinionX:

The Pair Rank results for an individual participant have a very low robustness score due to the fact that each participant only votes on 10 pairs of opinions. They often do not accurately reflect that person's priorities (robustness requires far more data than 10 votes to identify patterns in participants' voting → read more about how robustness is calculated in OpinionX here). Agreement Rank and Order Rank are better methods of understanding people's personal priorities.

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