You are looking to operate and grow your school more efficiently and can't wait to get started with - we hear you!

The steps below describe the typical process to get your business up and running on We will be there to assist you at every step of the way!

Step One: Create An Account

The first 30 days of are free. Use this time to begin setting up your business on

Note: Client notifications are OFF by default for new businesses on This means that no automated emails will be sent to clients and staff until you request it to be turned on. This gives you time to setup your account and only turn on automated client notifications once you are ready to go live.

Step Two: Configure Your Business Settings & Services

  • Customize your Business settings:

    • Customize your logo, background image, primary branding color, etc. This will make your staff, teachers, and customers feel at home with your business when they use

  • Create and configure your Locations:

    • Whether you offer services online, at home, or at a brick-and-mortar storefront, we've got you covered. You can set up as many locations as you need and include your locations' addresses, descriptions, rooms, applicable services, open/closed hours, sales taxes, etc.

  • Create your Services

    • This needs to be planned out carefully. supports several types of services:

      • Appointments - typically used for private lessons (one-on-one, or semi-private), where lessons are given based on your staff and teachers' availabilities.

      • Sessions - typically used for courses, workshops, and group classes with multiple clients, typically scheduled ahead of time.

      • Events - typically used for parties, recitals, concerts, competitions, etc.

      • Subscription-Only - typically used for monthly rentals and membership fees, when you need to charge a client on a monthly or yearly recurring basis.

    • Feel free to schedule support call with us by emailing so we can help you get started with setting up your services.

  • Add Staff

    • Staff are typically service providers - teachers, instructors, tutors, etc. - or administrative staff managing day to day operations. Out of the box, supports four staff roles:

      • Limited Staff

      • Staff

      • Manager

      • Owner

    • Each staff member's profile includes personal information - name, address, phone number, email, etc. - a photo, a bio, their pay rates for payroll calculation, appointment availability and blocked hours (e.g. breaks ), categorized tags (customizable information about them, e.g. languages they speak, relevant degrees, teaching style, instruments taught, etc.) and several other settings.

  • Add your Clients

  • Enable your account for Electronic Payment

    • United States / Canada:

      • We partner with CloverConnect / Fiserv for payment processing.

      • Please contact us at so we can assist you with enabling your account for electronic payments.

    • Outside of US / Canada

      • We support payments with Stripe.

      • You can easily connect your existing (or new) Stripe account from your (Business settings > Payments tab)

    • Once your payments account is created and connected to, we recommend running a test charge (using a real credit card attached to a fake client profile) to ensure everything is working end-to-end before charging your customers.

  • Book your clients' appointments and enroll them in sessions.

    • Once your business' services, locations, clients, and staff are set up, you can book your clients appointments (private lessons) and enroll them in sessions (group classes).

    • This can take time and needs to be done manually, but is a great way to train your staff, get familiar with the platform, ensure your client data was accurately imported.

  • Announce & Go Live!

    • Prepare an email which announces your new customer portal and highlights the benefits to your clients - they can view their schedule, cancel their own lessons, book their own make-ups, pay their invoices, etc. - and explains how to login. Ex: "Go to our website, click login, enter your email and click "Get Login Link By Email", set a password... or use Google Login."

    • Go to Calendar, Month View (current month or next month, to make sure you see all your active members).

    • Click Batch Email (this will allow you to open your local email client with all the students and their account managers in BCC).

    • Finally, notify us and we will enable your client notifications so that your clients will start receiving automated notifications from

      Note: As every business is different, we do not provide templated emails for going live.

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