When going live with opus1.io you can ask your existing customers to re-enter their credit card payment info, but that is obviously not ideal.

We can securely and efficiently import your current credit card data from your current provider to CloverConnect / Fiserv and have most of them automatically mapped to your opus1.io accounts.


  • This process can take 2-4 weeks to complete so we recommend to start it as soon as you can.

  • Some payment processors may charge a fee for the export. Neither does CloverConnect nor Opus1.io charge any fee for the import.

  • Most payment processors we have dealt with so far were able to export credit card data (ECS, Authorize.net, Transnational, Stripe etc.), but you may want to check with your provider if they are able to do so. Some (very few) require a waivers / release agreement to be signed by CloverConnect / Fiserv and this could take some time.

Here is the what the process looks like:

  • Step 1 - first you need to make sure to start your account creation process with CloverConnect / Fiserv. The next steps can be started in parallel, but we recommend to wait for your account to be approved before starting the migration.

  • Step 2 - The owner of the payments account in your organization will need to request from your current provider an export of your credit card data to be sent to CloverConnect / Fiserv. The data must be in comma-separated value format (.txt of .csv) and encrypted (for PCI compliance) with CloverConnect PGP key. Note the provider may request CloverConnect PCI Compliance certificate.

  • Step 3 - Once the data is ready, depending on the provider, it will be sent directly to CloverConnect or to the account owner. If the account owner receives the data, it must be sent to datamigrations@fiserv.com with the CloverConnect Merchant ID that has been assigned to you (see Step 1)

  • Step 4 - Once the data imported by CloverConnect, our on-boarding team will be notified and we will map your card connect accounts to opus1.io accounts. Note this process is never 100% exhaustive. Some credit card may be expired (they will be skipped), some account may not be found because emails or name don't match.

  • Step 5 - Once all the accounts are mapped, follow these steps to mitigate any remaining payers that may have not been transferred or mapped correctly:

    • Check your upcoming client invoices in opus1.io (Reporting / Invoices)

    • Identify those with a yellow "Missing payment info" warning

    • Right-click on the Payer and open a new tab.

    • Locate the client in the mapping file sent by CloverConnect after the import and copy the "ProfileID" (this is the identifier for the payment method in CloverConnect)

    • In Opus1.io, under the payer's profile, select Update payment methods.

    • Then select Manually set account info (this is only visible to owners)

    • Enter the Payment gateway customer ID (ProfileID identified at previous step)

      Alternatively, you can watch the video below to see a demonstration of the process enumerated in Step 5:

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