Roles and Permissions

Summary assigns roles with specific permissions to users interacting with the application.

We recognize different broad categories of users:

  • Clients: someone who doesn't work for the business but benefits from services provided by the business.

  • Staff: someone who works for the business (a front desk staff, a manager, a teacher/instructor etc.)


  • Any Staff is also a Client, since they may also benefit from the service provided (e.g taking lessons, buying music books etc.).

  • A Visitor is neither a Client or a Staff but someone browsing the web application without being authenticated. That individual may have an account or may be a prospective client. assigns permissions to staff according to the following base roles, listed in order of increasing permissions:

  • Limited staff

  • Staff

  • Managers

  • Owners

Visitors and Clients

Visitors is anyone that visits your portal. Visitors can browse your self-booking interface - your services, appointments, group staff, available time slots, and book services. Visitors must register an account in order to complete booking by entering their name, email, phone number, and their dependents' information - name, date of birth, etc. - if applicable. Once they registered an account, they become a Client.

Clients have an account with your business. They can self-book and get quotes for appointments and services, (if enabled) communicate directly with their Teacher/ Instructor, view their account invoices and service credits, add / remove payment methods, cancel appointments (lessons) and book make ups for example.

Note that someone may have a registered account but will still be a visitor until they log in.

Limited Staff, Staff, Managers, and Owners

These roles are for your organization's employees (teachers/instructors, admin/front desk, managers / directors, and owners). These roles are listed in order of increasing permissions such that

Limited staff < Staff < Managers < Owners

Limited staff are typically teachers/instructors providing services to clients for your organization. Limited staff can only view and interact with their own clients (i.e client they have provided a service for in the last 15 days, or within the next 15 days).

More specifically, Limited Staff can:

  • Post client comments for their own clients/students (those will be visible by the client him/herself and their account managers. staff, managers and owners can also view client comments.

  • Submit time-off requests for themselves and see the status of the time-off requests.

  • See their own payroll.

  • Upload files to their own files library, download, and share them with their own clients/students.

  • View their upcoming sessions / appointments.

  • Enroll their own students to performing events (recitals, concerts, show case etc).

Limited staff do not have access to clients' personal information (except their name and age, or if they are a dependent), nor do they have access to the account managers' personal information.

Limited staff cannot, by default, take attendance or cancel their own appointments / services. However, a custom role with these permissions can be created for you upon request. Need a custom role for your studio or school? Please contact us.

Staff are typically front desk, admins, or office managers. This role is permitted to address day to day operations for your organization.

More specifically, staff can:

  • Access and edit clients' private information such as name, phone numbers, email address, etc., as well as invoices, service, monetary credits, and schedules.

  • View (but not edit) other staff private information such as name, phone numbers, email addresses, appointment availabilities, bios, categorized tags, etc.

  • Enroll clients in sessions.

  • Book and reschedule appointments, as well as change assigned location, rooms, and staff.

  • Bach update and batch cancel on the main calendar.

  • Batch email clients on the main calendar.

  • Take attendance individually or as a batch.

  • Update active subscription settings, such as discounts, late fees, auto-pay etc., and end / put on hold subscriptions.

  • View and download all clients and staff files.

  • Post & view staff comments (staff comments are visible by all staff, managers and owners, not by clients and limited Staff).

  • View client comments.

  • Process invoice payments; refund / void payment transactions; apply discounts to and void invoices.

  • Process charges to clients (e.g retail, fees).

  • Process staff time off requests that are assigned to them.

  • See overdue invoices reporting.

Staff cannot:

  • Create limited staff, staff, managers or owners, nor modify their information.

  • See or edit limited staff, staff, managers', or owners' pay rates.

  • Create or modify services settings.

  • Plan events or sessions.

  • See financial metrics on the main dashboard.

  • Modify business settings (e.g creating self-booking links).

Managers can:

  • Create limited staff and staff, and modify their personal information

  • Run payroll.

  • See and set limited staff pay rates.

  • Manage staff availability.

  • Approve and update time-off requests.

  • Create time-off requests on behalf of others.

  • Override appointment / session status (E.g. take a canceled appointment and make it active again).

Managers cannot view financial information like revenue, modify certain business settings on your, or create new services.

Owner is a role reserved for business owners and it the most permissive role. Only owners can view financial information, modify certain business settings on your account, create, modify, and delete services, appointments, and locations.

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