There are three types of cancellations in

  1. Visit Cancellations

  2. Late Visit Cancellations

  3. Staff Cancellations

Visit Cancellations

Visit cancellations are regular, client-requested cancellations. If late visit cancellations are enabled, visit cancellations occur when a client requests to cancel their lesson anytime until the late-visit window.

Late Visit Cancellations

Late visit cancellations are late, client-requested cancellations. Late visit cancellations are not enabled by default and can be enabled in your services' cancellation settings. Late visit cancellations occur within the specified late-visit cancellation window.

Staff Cancellations

Staff cancellations are cancellations requested by a staff member, typically a teacher, rather than a client. Staff cancellations are used when your teachers are unavailable for their clients' appointments and sessions.

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