We took all the experience in the business to add the most used Payment Gateways such as Stripe & Paypal (currently) and give you the chance to choose between those two and adding more every update.

However, there are some customers that does need a new one besides those and need to integrate a new one, of course, this can be done with your software, we are more than happy to help you with that.

The requirements to integrate a new one are:

  • Need full process of this payment gateway integration
  • Payment gateway API info
  • Any appropriate validation is there?
  • Any unique feature need to be integrated?
  • Need to show a full compilation process after complete integration?
  • What is the process of change test mode to live mode?
  • Cost of Integration Varies, please contact us
  • One Time Payment

Choose any payment gateway you need

We will get it integrated

Mauricio C
Marketing Manager
Always be better


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