This is probably the No. 1 question we get from our leads, and they start most of the conversations with this question "How does it work?". We have decided to make an easy explantion for you to understand it in a faster way.

Step 1: Purchase a package (Super simple)

You purchase one of our package at our pricing page (click here to go there), you use the credit card of your choice to sign up and right after the payment you can fill up the forms for your installation. The installation is done in less than 24 hours.

Step 2: Get your installation and read the tutorials (Less than 24 hours)

In less than 24 hours after your purchase, your installation is done, and all the information to access it will be in this e-mail. Customization instructions, tutorial and videos will be available at our help center here

Step 3: Ready to launch (Up to you) 

Once you have customized your platform and uploaded all the information about your stores and products, you are ready to launch! Have fun and lots of success using 

Do you have special wishes or more questions? Contact us using our livechat bubble on the bottom right of this screen, we are very happy to help.

Your Ordering Team 

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