Extensions for each product

The extensions that we sell on our marketplace are offered separately for each product.

There are a few logical reasons for that:

  1. Most of our customers don't need all the extensions for all the products, instead of selling just one extension at a higher price, we decided to split the cost into multiple extensions for each of our products. That way, we offer better flexibility for our customers, to purchase only what they need without the overprice of a bundle.
  2. To develop each extension for each one of our products, our team and developers work on the code for each product implementation. If one functionality is developed for one product is not implemented automatically on all our products, we work hard trying to keep all our products in sync and to develop sometimes the same kind of functionality for everything we offer.

Customizations for each product

Similar to the extensions, if a customization if done for one product, it is not automatically applied to all our products.

If your wish is to customize your Ordering App and your Ordering Web, please read the following explanation.

The Ordering Web and the Ordering App are two different products. Each of them run different scripts using the same language (AngularJS).

The structure of the code is very different because the Ordering Web is supposed to be responsive for desktop devices, while the Ordering App can adapt to different sizes of mobile devices, like Smartphones and Tablets.

If you want to customize the Ordering Web, then we have to create the customization again from zero on the Ordering App since the code cannot be copied and pasted. The difference in the structure of the system is the reason for this. 

To provide you also a better service you can always ask us if it makes sense to add extra features to the Ordering App because most of the times users get confused if you have too many features or if they are not easy to use.

If you have any questions, please let us know, we are always happy to help.

Sergio & Alonso
Ordering.co Founders.

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