Email Notifications  

  After an order is placed, your user will get an email confirmation email on your email account, and the email will contain all of your order histories so that you can track your order when you want. It will help your users to get updated information on any order when the order status is changed.

GPRS / SMS printers   

We can integrate your model of GPRS/SMS remote printer and make it work with our script. 

With the help of this printer, the restaurant can directly receive orders of the customers, for the customer once placed. To start preparing for the client for its delivery on time. It can also accept or reject any order. Also, it generates for every customer a ticket of its individual orders description/requirements. 

Business App:

 It’s a very new way to accept an order from any mobile devices, i.e., by using an android & IOS smartphones. It is the fastest way to receive and take order by your business owner from any smartphone without accessing your desktop computers.Just is needed to download the app from play store for android users and apple stores for iOS users.

It’s straightforward and easy to download and use. It will help the business owner to manage his business profile and orders efficiently. Also accepting a request is very smooth, you can also provide the exact delivery time of any current order placed.

Cloud Printers

 As simple as email then print, this technology gives the printer an email address, which can be set up on our Ordering.Co-system to print the orders directly from x business using our "Zapier Extensions," Yes, with zapier, you can now connect your system with 750+ apps, starting from Facebook, Twilio, MailChimp and much more. Read more from here.

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