Let's check some of the business types that you can create using our system!

Groceries store

Delivery & Pickup Groceries.

Provide all your customers with the best Groceries Platform, deliver them to the door.

Food delivery service & pickup 

Delivery & Pickup Food Everywhere

Everyone gets hungry, get them Pizzas & sandwiches in no time.

Wine & Beverages store 

One Million Dollar Idea

Never ever allow your customers to stop the party, provide them the Alcohol service on delivery & pickup

Laundry & dry cleaning 

Delivery & Pickup Laundry.

Provide all your customers the best Laundry Service, the dirty clothes situation will be solved, and even better now.


Delivery & Pickup Medical Cannabis.

Your customers won’t need to Panic anymore; they’re Cannabis is on the way

Flower delivery & pickup

Everyone likes flowers

Delivery for flowers, that is always romantic & trendy! Provide these services in your platform.

Beauty delivery & pickup

Makeup & Hairstyle done.

Styled & Friendly, with this Apps, get your Makeup & Hair done in just a few taps

Chefs delivery/Home cooking

Chef for dinner

Get the cuisine specialist in your kitchen for a nice meal.


Health delivery or pickup.

Get the customers medicines right away in just a few minutes.

Auto parts delivery/pickup

Get your car fixed in no time

Auto Parts ready to be delivered anywhere your customer is.

Are you planning to create your own catering website?

Yes! Well, let me tell you using Ordering.Co you can easily create or build any on-demand catering business as shown below.It's is a complete open source platform to make your desire changes as well as you can make any custom changes as per your business requirements quickly.

Ordering.Co is also capable of creating clone business as well, so if you have any referral site, We can help you provide an exact quote for all of that changes, as we know you the best!

"So it's POSSIBLE to create a catering store using our online script OR through  custom changes easily"

" We hope this article has answered your question, if not, please use our live chat so we can help you right away "

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