Custom design & prices:

For any custom designs, we offer a fixed prices for the website & app designs, and you can get those services as optional from our marketplace.


  • Custom design for ordering web: 799USD
  • Custom design for ordering app: 799USD

Custom development & prices: 

We can do any customization work according to your wishes, including our native apps. If you want to know the exact price, we need clearly explained documented file, stating all about your wishes in details and send us your custom work request:, once you have sent it, we will provide your quote in less than 24 hours.

We Guaranteed: 

All of our customization work done is 100% guaranteed for a lifetime, i.e. if you face any issues regarding the custom work we have provided, we will give 100% free assistance/support on it.

 We hope this article has answered your question, if not, please use our live chat so we can help you right away 

Lora S

(Sales & Support Agent)

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