Ordering Inc Founders letter to all our valuable OrderingOnlineSystem customers

Ordering is the evolution of OrderingOnlineSystem. 

The domain www.orderingonlinesystem.com is changing to www.ordering.co 

OrderingOnlineSystem will not disappear, this is just a rebranding to a better name and we took advantage of this rebranding to make a few changes to make this company better.

Some of them are:

  • Better products: mentioned below in this document.
  • Better servers: We are now on AWS the best servers used by the biggest companies worldwide (for example Netflix and many more). We are doing this change because this will allow us to scale up to any level and always providing the best stability, speed and power to all the products we offer.
  • Quicker releases for updates: We will give new code updates every 1 or 2 weeks. They will include improvements, new features, new extensions and bug fixes (if any). 
  • A better way to solve any issues: Any issues reported from all our customers will be fixed, tested and released with each new update.
  • More templates: We will start releasing at least one new template per month. Some of them will be free of cost.

You will notice from the start some big changes on our work flows:

  • A new billing area: This will help with quotes estimates communication, invoice payments and billing history.
  • A new support center: Our support center now includes. 
  • A global knowledge base: with more articles created almost on a daily basis.

And you will notice improved products on all of our areas:

  • Dashboard: Our new admin panel has been redesigned to a better and easier to use interface. If any issues are found they will be automatically solved for all our customers at once. This guarantees improved stability and performance. The dashboard is now in complete sync with all our products.
  • Ordering web: Built from scratch with new technology stacks like angularjs (owned by google) to make the system faster and easier to customize. It is connected to our always in sync API to maintain speed and stability. With our new technology, we offer some very interesting extensions. For example, we now offer a 100% ordering web open source version which you can host on your server if you want. All images are now served with the best CDN (content delivery network) to provide the best speed and cache. This new version code is perfectly organized and the templates are done with html5 so any visuals can be changed fast and easy.
  • Ordering app: This is up to date with latest OrderingOnlineSystem app release.
  • Orders manager app: This is up to date with latest OrderingOnlineSystem app release.
  • Delivery app: This is up to date with latest OrderingOnlineSystem app release.
  • Single business app: This is up to date with latest OrderingOnlineSystem app release.
  • Ordering api: New api access in a better-designed interface on new better and faster servers that run on AWS.
  • Ordering builder: We are giving access so the apps can be customized and built, no technical knowledge required. 
  • We have created our first phase of our apps builder, what does this mean? Let me explain, it is amazing! This is how it looks http://d.pr/i/ur1d
  • Instead of maintaining a different set of apps for each one of our customers we are going to maintain a master version, this means more development time to build new features, cool right? It works for all our apps and the ordering web version.
  • Fewer bugs, all bug fixes from any of our customers are going to be fixed and released quickly. The new build of the app is generated with 1 click.
  • Less time between releases. If you purchase an add-on, you can get it on your apps in less than 24 hours.
  • Learn more on https://www.ordering.co/products/ordering-builder/

If you choose to follow us on our evolution the transition can be done easily. We are answering the most common questions we are having below.


  • Is the transfer obligatory?
    No, the transfer of our new products is 100% optional, you can continue to use your current products and we will continue to support you same as always.
  • How can I request a transfer to Ordering? How much will the transfer cost? Do I get a discount?
    Yes, you will get a discount, please fill out this form https://www.ordering.co/transfer-request-from-orderingonlinesystem/ so we can analyze your request and give you the total transfer cost.
  • How long does the transfer take?
    Depending on the number of transfers we have on the queue it may take from 2 to 4 weeks.
  • Can I keep my current database?
    Yes, of course, all your data will be transferred.
  • Can I keep my current customization done on my website and my mobile site?
    Unfortunately this needs to be done again. There is a simple reason for this. The Ordering Web is a completely new product with a completely different code that was build from scratch with new technology, our OrderingOnlineSystem web, and mobile products were built with PHP and the new Ordering Web product is built with angular js and html5.
  • Is the Dashboard the Admin panel update?
    Definitely not, it is a completely different product that now is managed as one product for all customers, the reason is that there will be many new features coming out and will be automatically implemented to all our customers, some features that are not normally used from our customers have been discontinued, some others have been added and others have been improved.
  • Is the Ordering Web a V6 version?
    Definitely not, it is a completely different product and completely different code, it has been built from the scratch and some features that are not normally used from our customers have been discontinued, some others have been added and others have been improved.
  • If I have the v5 will there be any new updates coming out?The answer is yes, we are planning to release a new version in about 6 months.
  • Which features are been changed from OrderingOnlineSystem?The features comparison document can be accessed in here https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1fQJ46IF1duWAPyOjW92o3GYL-UrIU3mOpyflu84OMs8/edit#gid=0 
  • I do not want to pay monthly, I want a one time package, do you offer this?We currently offer subscription based prices https://www.ordering.co/pricing . Which are recommended because it includes support and free updates, this is also good for you because that way we can guarantee that we will continue growing to provide always better solutions at affordable prices. And we also offer one time payment plans https://www.ordering.co/pricing-one-time-payment-plans/ .
  • Can I get a custom design?
    Yes you can, please contact us to request a quote, click here https://www.ordering.co/contact/ 
  • Can I get custom work done?
    Yes you can, please contact us to request a quote, click here https://www.ordering.co/contact/ 
  • Can I have the Ordering Web code in my server?
    Yes you can, we offer the open source package extension, the cost is $999 and it can be purchased on our marketplace after your transition to Ordering is completed.

Nice to read additional information

We are always working on amazing things, we are trying to make all of our customers proud.

We are always working on creative ways to improve, on this case a rebuilt of the main core web version and many of our products, this was required to accomplish our vision.

I like a very good example and I'm going to explain it in here with a short analogy.

We got to the point where we wanted to do something completely different with the web version.

For example, our current version is a table and we wanted to do a chair.

We had two options for this.

1. We could cut the wood of the table and build the chair with that same wood.

2. We could get new wood and build the chair from scratch.

Even if we tried our best with the 1st option, it was simply not possible to give the shape that we wanted to the chair. Instead of reshaping the table we decided to go for the second option and build the chair from scratch.

As any new product, we can't start with 100% of the features built in, of course, we would love to but is not possible, if we did that it would take at least 12-18 months to be completed.

We built the new product with the main features that based on our experience are the most used features at this point from most of our customers, and we will keep on improving this new product to add new features incrementally.

We also want to explain that this kind of change is optional, it is not really an update because an update would be based on the previous product so if it was an update it would have all the old features + new ones.


Sergio Khoury & Alonso Alvarez

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