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Holiday Pay case studies
Holiday Pay case studies

How Orka workers make use of their Holiday Pay allowance pot! 🍯

Written by Karan
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Take a look at how our workers have made use of the Holiday Pay they've earned when working through the Orka Works app.

Orka Worker: Amir

Amir uses Orka Works as his main source of income. He works full-time across sites in his local area and would typically earn around £270 into his Holiday Pay pot each month.

Amir chooses to save his Holiday allowance, as he usually takes a 6-week holiday at the end of the year to fly home and visit family abroad. In November, Amir would withdraw the appropriate holiday allowance from his profile page.

The Holiday Pay earned from April to November would allow him to withdraw over £2,000 from his Holiday Pot to cover the cost of his time off work! 🏖

Orka Worker: Shannon

Shannon mainly uses Orka Works to pick up weekend shifts around her current job. She withdraws her Holiday Pay regularly from her allowance pot and uses this to top up her income during time off work.

Shannon typically earns and withdraws around £79.00 each month 🙌

Our Holiday Pay feature is designed to help you make time for the things you enjoy and have your Holiday Pay when it suits you!

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