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Help me keep on top of my finances πŸ’°

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The current cost of living crisis has increased the challenges we all face in making ends meet, on a daily basis.

Please remember our Instant Pay feature is available to you, which gives you access to up to 50% of your earned wages for shifts worked as soon as your timesheets are approved, for a transaction fee of 4%.

The purpose is to help you, our workers, by providing early access to your earned wages, so that if you require, this can be a resource you lean on instead of turning to payday loans.

Payday loans are often short-term and exceptionally high-interest, and take advantage of those who are in a difficult position financially.

Instead, Instant Pay can be a readily accessible and helpful tool.

You are also accessing your own earned wages, rather than taking on debt.

Please see these links below some useful resources which can help you to understand debt and manage your money.

They can also be used if you want someone to confide in and seek help for any more financial issues you may be having.
Using tools such as budget planners can help you keep on top of your outgoings and expenses, so you can better manage your money.

We know times are tough at the moment - if your mental health is suffering, please reach out to someone and speak to friends and family or to someone at one of these services.

A problem shared - is a problem halved.

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