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Get to know what shifts you will be paid for in the upcoming pay day!

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The payday cut-off is Payroll's deadline date to receive any remaining information about your pay for the upcoming payday.

With Orka Works, employees are paid on a monthly basis, on the first Wednesday of each month. Our payroll cut-off date is the Wednesday before this, and this morning is when payroll is run ahead of our workers being paid. In this payroll, shifts up until the Sunday before that cut-off date are included.

The only exception to this is our annual early Christmas payday and then the subsequent payday, where the dates will be communicated to you directly! Please see below for the specific dates this year.

As this may sound a little confusing, here it is with dates to explain the next few paydays:

Payday: Weds 1st May

Payroll cut-off: Weds 24th April

Final shift that falls into this payroll: Sun 21st April
Final timesheet approval: Mon 22nd April

Payday: Weds 5th June

Payroll cut-off: Weds 29th May

Final shift that falls into this payroll: Sun 26th May
Final timesheet approval: Mon 27th May

Payday: Weds 3rd July

Payroll cut-off: Weds 26th June

Final shift that falls into this payroll: Sun 23rd June
Final timesheet approval: Mon 24th June

Within the relevant month's period, all timesheets must be approved to be paid on payday. This only happens if you've clocked in and out of your shifts successfully, for the full duration of the shift. If the timesheets are not approved by the payroll cut-off deadline, they will be paid in the following payday when approved.

Please message the team if you have any further questions! 🙌

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