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Setting the rules for your new officer
Setting the rules for your new officer

Align workers with your team and the business for their assignment

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They are an extension of your workforce but we appreciate the worker you've just hired through the Orka Works platform hasn't been through the same induction as one of your permanent staff - so please set out clearly what you expect from them during the assignment. 

Please remember to clarify:

  • The address 📍of the site(s)

  • What uniform 👔  they should wear on duty

  • The name 👮‍♂️of the person who they should be reporting to and where they will be

  • What time ⏰ to be there 

  • Breaks 🍽 - when, where and how long

  • They will be clocking on/off 📲 using the app.  If there is an additional system that they need to register their arrival/departure with, let them know

This can all be easily laid out in an email or message - after you've done it for the first time, it should be easy to transfer to your next Orka Works assignment.

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