It can be difficult for Security companies to choose the best officer for the role, especially when there are so many great applicants!

For your best chances of being approved, be sure to:

Have a professional profile picture 📸

This shows that you not only look the part, but it looks so much better than having a blank icon against your name - making your application look more professional. 

Have a strong bio 📝

Use your bio to tell companies why you are the best Security Officer for the job! Make sure you add some of your personal achievements as well as professional ones. Showing some personality can often go a long way!

Put all the Security experience that you have 💼

Companies love experience!! It shows that you know what you're doing on-site and they can rely on you to do a good job. Don't worry if you don't have any Security experience though. Putting down experience in other industries can also go a long way!

Add your home postcode 🏡

Companies like to see how local to the site you are, so they can make sure you'll be able to get to the site quickly and on time. 

Keep your number up to date 📞

Companies may give you a call before approving your application, so be sure to keep your contact number up to date. You can update your contact number through the settings page of the app.

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