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How can I invite my colleagues to Orka Works?
How can I invite my colleagues to Orka Works?

Get your team set up with us!

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Wanting to share your experience of Orka Works with colleagues?

No problem! All you need to do is drop down your profile icon and select manage staff.

From here, you need to click the "add staff" button and type in the email address of your colleagues.

It is essential your colleague had the correct access permissions. Make sure to tick either admin, member or view only. This will effect your colleagues experience of using Orka Works so again this is essential.

Once you have done all this and invited your colleague it is important to let them know to action the email in their inbox as this link only lasts for 48hrs.

Your colleague will need to input information such as name, phone number, create a password and agree to our terms and conditions!

If you need any further help please make sure to reach out to your Account Manager.

Happy inviting!

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