What is SmartStaff?

Transitioning your temporary workers to a more permanent role.

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If you have an ongoing need to fill a role, you have the option to make the job 'SmartStaff'. 

SmartStaff gives workers an extra incentive to apply for your shifts; as it gives them the opportunity to become a permanent employee after working a certain number of hours with you. 🎉

We work hard to ensure that this transition is as seamless as possible, for both the security company and the worker involved😁

The costs associated with SmartStaffing an Orka works worker are based on the hours they have worked for yourselves. The breakdown is displayed below. 

Costs will incur VAT. and all hours prior to 'temp to perm' conversion are to be recorded via the Orka Works app. 📲
Any concessions to be made at Orka Work’s discretion.

To make a job SmartStaff, you can check the box when you are adding a role to a site. 

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