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Help: Officer has cancelled/no showed.
Help: Officer has cancelled/no showed.

How to fill a shift last minute.

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Occasionally an officer may have to cancel their shift at the last minute. When this happens, the user will get a strike on their account for the inconvenience caused. 

The user should cancel from their calendar page, which will then make the shift available to other applicants. From here, you can head to the portal and approve any of the other applicants who have applied to the job. ✅

If the user has not cancelled from their calendar page, you are aware they intend to cancel, and it is before the shift start time, you can decline them and we will manually add the strike to their account to speed up the process. 

If the shift has already started and the officer has not been in touch to cancel, you are able to mark the worker as a no show from the dashboard on the the job page and this will give the user 2 strikes.

You can then contact other applicants to see if they are available to cover at short notice. 

If none of the applicants are available, you can contact Orka Works and we will try to fill the site by sending a mass message out to all officers in the area. 

Please note; we may only be able to send a mass message out during office hours (Mon-Fri 8am-5:30pm). However, we always try our best to get sites filled out of office time too. 

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