The Orka Works team have been working hard to make the loading of shifts much easier for you.

When you're adding shifts now, you'll be able to select Add Shift Pattern to bring up the new shift manager

Screenshot 2020-05-07 at 15.13.18

Add all your shifts at the click of a button...

Just select the days you'd like to post shifts on and add the date range of the shifts- giving you the chance to add as many shifts as you need with just one step!

You can click the view schedule button to see how this will look when it's live on the portal.

The green dots on the calendar highlight when a shift will be posted for...

Once you've added dates, you can add times, pay rates and positions required too- to bring your schedule to life!

4 on 4 off patterns...

To create a 4 on 4 off pattern, just follow the steps above but select the 4 on 4 off option.

Screenshot 2020-08-03 at 13.57.23

The green dots will show the dates of the shifts, which will appear in 4s.

If you need any further support on shift patterns please get in touch.

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