Strikes for the workers to increase worker performance

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We understand that sometimes workers may not be able to attend work due to things like illness. Still, to refrain from workers cancelling on you last minute, our strike system hopes to give you more assurance that you are deploying the best worker possible.

Workers will receive...

1 strike = if they cancel a shift within 48 hours of the shift start time

2 strikes = if they do not turn up for the shift

All strikes last for 30 days. This means that if a worker picks up a first strike, and if ten days later they pick up another strike, the countdown resets and starts again from 30 days.

If a worker receives 3 strikes, their account will be under review pending a suspension from the portal.

The review process will occur internally with the worker and externally with the client if the worker is approved for any future shifts to ensure that the site will not be jeopardised.

With the new release of strikes, we have also improved the design.

Looking on the portal if you see a user has a strike you can now hover over the strikes to see precisely when the user got a strike and for what reason. The same format will be displayed when you click on a worker's profile.

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We hope that this increased visibility of worker performance will help you in selecting the correct worker for you and the role.

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