Some of you may be familiar with the old strike process that we had in place. We temporarily removed strikes to replace them with the star rating. Over time we have been monitoring the performance of workers and whilst the star rating has been useful to show reliability of workers we have found it necessary to bring back strikes in the hopes of increasing worker behaviour.

They work in very much the same way that they worked in the previous iteration. One strike for a cancelled shift within 48 hours of the shift start time and two strikes for a no show. All strikes last for 30 days. If a worker receives 3 strikes their account will be under review pending a suspension from the portal.

The review process will take place internally with the worker but also externally with the client if the worker is approved for any future shifts to ensure that site will not be jeopardised.

With the new release of strikes we have also improved the design. Looking on the portal if you see a user has a strike you can now hover over the strikes to see exactly when the user got a strike and for what reason. The same format will be displayed when you click onto a workers profile also.

We hope the addition of strikes brings some "security" to your sites knowing that you are deploying the best worker possible and the increased visibility of a workers performance will help you select the correct worker for the role.



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