Introducing AutoFill

Saving you time by approving the best workers!

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Autofill saves you time and effort by automatically filling in shifts on your behalf with the best workers available. It applies Artificial Intelligence in WorkerTech to help find the best people for jobs.

If you have a vacant shift and receive applications from a site-trained worker, our AI algorithm will evaluate and rank the applicant. Then, if that worker meets the threshold set by the matching algorithm we'll automatically fill the shift for you - no intervention needed! However, if no workers match the criteria, the system will revert to manual selection, as it will never choose a worker at random or someone who hasn't worked on your site previously.

An auto-approved shift will be displayed with a green circle around it and when hovered over you will be able to see the date and time that the shift was approved.

Autofill is available for every site you post and you will not have to do anything to switch it on as it is all done on our end, so post your shifts as normal and watch them get filled - automatically! 🎉

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