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The Orka Works app now has expiry times on applications.

To better manage applications from the community and to help our clients prioritise approving the most urgent applications, we’ve reworked how this is displayed and communicated in the app.

Here is everything you need to know.

Introducing Pending Applications

From August this year, the Orka Works app has adopted a new system, adding a time limit to how long applicants can be kept pending.

Applications will now expire if the deadline is not met to accept or decline the application. We have built a notification system that will flag any applications that are about to expire to help you manage this.

The function can also help you prioritise accepting the most urgent shift by alerting you about any expiring applications from our worker community.

How it works

Once you add a shift to the Orka Works platform and it receives applications, this is what to expect from the change:

  • If you leave an application pending for two days, the application will be flagged as "expiring". You will get a notification prompting you to decline or accept the worker to avoid the application expiring.

  • If you then leave this as "expiring" for another 3 days, the deadline to approve or decline passes, and the application will expire. You will have to ask a potential candidate to re-apply. You can easily do this through the platform by following the instructions on the expiry notice.

  • Just so you know, if the shift you have posted is due to happen within 3 days of posting, the expiry time of applications will automatically be the start time of the shift.


If you have any questions or if you need more clarification on this information, feel free to get in touch with our Commercial team for help!

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