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Oslo City Bike for businesses!
Oslo City Bike for businesses!
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Whizz past the taxi queue with a city bike to your meeting or corporate gathering. City bike is a cheaper and easier means of transportation for businesses, as well as the bonus of fresh air and alert employees with red cheeks.

Oslo City Bike is a simple system for managing subscriptions for internal use, cycling trips to, for example, the summer party or if you want to give a code to a customer - instead of sending them off with a taxi.


  • 365-day pass - 471,20,- (exc. mva.)

  • 30-day pass - 126,40,- (exc. mva.)

  • Discover Oslo - 95,20,- (exc. mva.)

  • Singleride - 20,- (exc mva.)

All prices exclude mva

*You are billed on a monthly basis for activated subscriptions.

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