OBOS is the official city bike partner! If you are both a city cyclist and an OBOS member, it means several benefits 😃

Free week every season!

OBOS celebrates a new cycling season by giving everyone one week a free subscription with us! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to know when this happens!

Are you a member of OBOS, and have a season pass? 💸

With a seasonal subscription, OBOS will reward you with five free day passes. You'll just have to connect your city bike account to OBOS in our app. This does not apply to subscriptions purchased with a discount or offer.

You will find this tab under your profile in our app if you are a member of OBOS:

You can give away these day passes by sending a value code to the recipient's e-mail address. The lucky ones receive a value code, which they can redeem here.

Thanks to OBOS and enjoy your trip! 🚲
OBOS + Oslo City Bike = 💙

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