We offer two different types of subscriptions:

  • Whole season: 499 NOK

  • Day pass: 59 NOK

  • Montly subscription: 149 NOK

60 minutes per trip

All our subscriptions has a limit of 60 minute per trip. 

You can use the city bike for up to 60 minutes, before it has to be returned to a rack. If you choose to use the bike for a longer period you will be charged for the overused period. You will receive an SMS 5 minutes before we start charging. After the included 60 minutes, you will get charged NOK 15 per 15 minutes. If you abuse your subscription, UIP can terminate your subscription permanently.

Eager to try it out? 

Buy a subscription here or download the app for iPhone or Android.

Do you want more information on the Oslo City Bikes and how it works? Check this out.

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