Full and empty stations

Why stations sometimes are full or empty

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Sharing service

Oslo City Bikes is a service that is meant to be shared between all our members. 

Unfortunately we cannot promise that there will be an available lock or bike near you at all times. Our drivers move the bikes wherever they are needed from morning till evening. Rush hour also affects the system in the mornings and in the afternoon.

Good to know

If a station is about to be filled up with bikes, or gets emptied, our crew gets notified.

Plan your trip

It's always smart to check if there are available locks in the area you're going to, before you set out on a ride. In the app you can see the availability on each of the stations. 

If the station you are going to is full, you should try to find another one in the area. 


We are looking at different measures to increase the availability, and have already started using what we call morning birds to relieve morning rush. 

They are at stations with the most pressure to relieve you of your bikes and free the locks. The morning birds' location will vary from day to day depending on where we calculate the pressure to be.

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