The OSOM Exchange allows you to buy and sell Bitcoin and Ethereum for Euro. It only uses Bitcoins and Ethers that are stored in your OSOM Wallet.

You may deposit Euros via SEPA/SWIFT transfers or via Credit/Debit card deposits. Note that only deposits from, and withdraw funds to, a bank account in your name are accepted.

Trading: fees, minimum amount, and processing time

Post-trade Euro settlement in OSOM account happens almost instantly, meaning that you can withdraw to your bank right after you've made a trade but it will take some time before it reaches your bank account.

Bitcoin and Ethereum settlement happens over respectful blockchain networks and can sometimes take extra time.

Price calculation:
We are connected to several exchanges and use their liquidity to execute every trade.
The prices of assets you see on the main screen of OSOM Exchange are the indicative average prices calculated by the formula: (best bid + best ask) / 2.
The prices you receive after selecting the type of operation (buy or sell) only take into account the respectful part of the order book (i.e. bids for sells and ask for buys).

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