We recently allowed ACH deposit transfers to show in Outlet after 1 - 2 business days, instead of having you wait the full 5 business days it takes for the transfer to complete.

Even though we added this new ACH feature, there may be cases where your funds still take 5 full business days to reach your Outlet account.

Example of a 5-Business Day Transfer:

  1. Transfer initiated on Tuesday, 5/10

  2. Transfer processed on Wednesday, 5/11 (Business Day 1)

  3. Transfer in transit to Outlet Thursday, 5/12 (Business Day 2)

  4. Transfer in transit to Outlet Friday, 5/13 (Business Day 3)

  5. Transfer in transit to Outlet Monday, 5/16 (Business Day 4)

  6. Transfer reaches Outlet by the end of the day Tuesday, 5/17 (Business Day 5)

Remember: A business day does NOT include weekends or holidays.

Do you have a transfer pending past 5 business days?

Please contact us. We are happy to help!

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