Outlet is here to help you grow financially. As a result, we've rolled out a referral program that allows you to earn money for every person you bring to Outlet.

We have made it super simple for you to share your special referral link AND track how much you have earned from your referrals.

Here is how the referral program works:

  1. Tap on the gift icon 🎁 (on the bottom menu bar).

  2. Tap on your special link to copy the referral code.

  3. Share your special link through text, social media apps, or on your own website.

  4. As people download and sign up for Outlet with your referral link, your "Pending" balance will increase.

  5. When a person makes a successful deposit of $5 or more, your "Earned" balance will increase, and your Outlet account will be credited.

  6. At that time, the person you referred will also receive $5 in their Outlet Account.

  7. Click on the gift icon 🎁 to track how much money you have made from referring others!

We're the gift that keeps on giving.

Everyone deserves to have a product and service that empowers them financially. Outlet is that product and service.

When you give the gift of Outlet, you are making a positive impact in that person's life and their generations to come. Everyone should save their hard-earned money and let that money make more money for them. Outlet is a step toward early retirement and financial freedom for all.

Get creative with who and where you share your Outlet referral link. There is no limit to the number of users you can refer to Outlet!

Share Outlet with your...

  • Family...

  • Friends...

  • Co-workers...

  • Social Media followers...

  • Website...

The possibilities are endless!

Are you an influencer online?

Outlet has a special referral Partnership Program for Social Media Influencers...

Contact Gustavo@Outlet.Finance to learn more and enroll in this special program.

Let's grow together!

Any questions?

We are here to help you!

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