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How does the Referral Program work?
How does the Referral Program work?
Outlet's Referral Program
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What is the Referral Program?

Outlet is here to help you grow financially. We built our referral program to reward you and assist you with earning extra at Outlet.

Share your special referral link located in the Outlet app AND track how much you have earned from referring people to Outlet. Referrals are credited to you and the person you refer as soon as the person you refer makes a successful deposit into Outlet.

How does the current Referral Program work?

When you refer 1 person our referral program pays you an extra 0.5% APY for 30 days max plus a $10 bonus. After 30 days, the extra APY is reset.

When you refer two or more people the extra rewards will be 1% APY for 30 days max plus $10 bonus per person you refer. After 30 days, the extra APY is reset.

The people you refer to Outlet will need to use the referral link you sent them, complete the account creation process, and make a successful deposit into their Outlet Account of $5 or more to receive the $10 referral credit.

When your referral's deposit clears to their Outlet Account, the $10 credits are paid out to you and the person you referred. At that time you will also see an increase in the rewards rate located in Rewards Account section of the Outlet app.

You can track how much you have earned from your referrals through the "Refer a Friend" section of the app or go to your Transfer History and see the referral credits of $10 per person you referred.

Here are the steps for sending a referral to join Outlet:

  1. Tap on the box "Refer a Friend" located in the middle of your home dashboard.

  2. Tap on your special referral link to copy the referral code to your phone's clipboard.

  3. Paste the referral link in a text message, on your social media profile, or on your own website.

  4. As people download and sign up for Outlet with your referral link, your "Pending" balance displayed in the Referral Section will increase by $10 for each referral.

  5. When a person makes a successful deposit of $5 or more, your "Total Earned" balance will increase, and your Outlet Rewards Account balance will be credited.

  6. At that time, the person you referred will also receive $10 in their Outlet Rewards Account Balance.

  7. The extra APY for referring people to Outlet will reflect in the Rewards Account where the rate is displayed. After 30 days, the referral bonus rate will reset.

We're the gift that keeps on giving.

Everyone deserves to have a product and service that empowers them financially. Outlet is that product and service.

When you give the gift of Outlet, you are making a positive impact in that person's life and their generations to come. Everyone should save their hard-earned money and let that money make more for them. Outlet is a step toward early retirement and financial freedom for all!

Get creative with who and where you share your Outlet referral link. There is no limit to the number of users you can refer to Outlet!

Share Outlet with your...

  • Family...

  • Friends...

  • Co-workers...

  • Social Media followers...

  • Website...

The possibilities are endless!

Are you an influencer online? Outlet has a special referral Partnership Program for Social Media Influencers...

Contact us to learn more and enroll in this special program.

Let's grow together!

Need Assistance? Contact Us.

Tap the Chat Bubble on this screen or in the Outlet app to start a conversation.

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