Why is my balance pending?

ACH deposit transfers now show in your Outlet Account after 1 - 2 business days.

Outlet does this to help you start earning rewards sooner than having to wait the entire five (5) business day transfer period it takes for your transfer to go from your bank, to our payments team at Wyre (A.K.A. "SendWyre"), then complete to Outlet successfully.

Outlet needs to ensure your funds converted into digital assets. There is another five (5) business day settlement period after the funds clear Outlet that is needed to verify funds before funds are made available for withdrawal from Outlet.

Pending Balance - Funds that have been in your Outlet account for less than 5-business days. Pending funds are currently earning rewards. You cannot withdraw pending funds until the five (5) business day settlement period has completed.

Available Balance - Funds that have been earning rewards in your Outlet account for more than 5-business days. Available funds can be withdrawn at any time.

For Example: this Outlet Account has a Pending balance of $100.00 and an Available balance of $3,459.61.

  • Available balance = withdraw anytime.

  • Pending balance = cannot withdraw until settlement completes.

  • Balance Total = Pending Balance + Available Balance

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