We recently decreased ACH transfer times to 1 - 2 business days instead of 5 business days, so that you can start earning interest faster!

Even though the funds are available to start earning interest faster (after 1 - 2 business days), the funds still take 5 full business days to actually clear, as a result, we've added a Pending Balance and Available Balance. These can be seen within the withdraw screen.

Above you can see we have a total balance of $460.95, however you can see we have a pending balance of $2.00, and an available balance of $458.95.

Total Balance - Is equal to the pending balance + available balance

Pending Balance - Funds that have been in your Outlet account for less than 5 business days. Pending funds are currently earning interest. Cannot withdraw pending funds.

Available Balance - Funds that have been in your Outlet account for more than 5 business days. Available funds can be withdrawn at any time.

In the image above, we can withdraw $458.95 at anytime. $2.00 is pending, and unable to be withdrawn, but we are earning interest on the entire $460.95.

Hope this helps!

As always, let us know how we can improve Outlet for you! Would love to hear feedback regarding this update.


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