Version 2.0.11 of the Outlet Android & iOS apps are live. This app mostly contains small bug fixes and performance improvements, but you will notice a few visual updates.

Added a Payout Countdown

Lots of users have been asking about payouts and when it will hit your account. To solve this, we've added a "Payout Countdown" to the Dashboard.

Moved Transfer History to the Account Page

In an effort to clean up the Dashboard page, we've moved the transfer history to the Account page. Scroll down to the "Transfers" section, and here you will be able to see a "Transfer History" button. Tapping that will display your history in all it's glory.

Added a Banks Accounts Page

In the "Transfers" section you will also see a "Bank Accounts" button. Here you can view the banks you have linked to Outlet. You can also delete the bank account whenever you like as well. Simply tap on the bank, and select unlink.

Hope you all enjoy the new updates! If there are any features you would like to see on Outlet please let us know!

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