Version 2.1.0 of the Outlet app brings a few bug fixes and performance improvements. Read more below:

🦟 Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed issue where some users working with specific lending partners were unable to withdraw

  • Fixed a scaling issue where users on small devices were unable to see all the recurring order information on the recurring order screen

  • Users who are lending to our new lending partner can now see their total earnings

  • Fixed an issue where users on small devices were unable to search for a bank account. When the search bar was tapped, app would take you to the previous screen

🎉 Updates:

  • Referral Bonus Payout - Now you can see your referral bonuses reflected in your transfer history

  • If you are working with our alternative lending partner, you will now see a message in the settings that lets you know! This message tells you the key differences to expect when working with this partner

  • Now if you attempt to make a deposit using a bank account that has not been approved you will get an error message. Previously, no message was shown

  • Added a Community section to the Account page to allow users to easily join our Discord Community Group Chat

🗓 Future Updates:

  • We are working on improving the Account Verification experience

  • Push Notifications when your money arrives in your account

  • Improved workflow for connecting a Wire Transfer method

  • Saving Calculator to help you calculate how much you can earn

  • More Bug Fixes

If there is anything you would like to see in the Outlet app, please reach out! We are working on constantly improving the app for our users.


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