Version 2.2.0 of the Outlet app introduces Digital Collectibles as well as some bug fixes! Read more below:

Digital Collectibles 🏆:

Earn digital, limited edition collectibles from engaging with the Outlet app and community. To start, we've created 3 digital collectibles, that allow you to customize the Outlet experience. Read more about collectibles here.

🎉 Other Updates:

  • Receive a push notification once funds from a deposit arrive in your Outlet account

  • Improved the Onboarding experience. Now you can more easily and effectively submit Identification Documents. These updates should decrease account approval times.

  • If our compliance team needs more information from you in order to approve your account, we now specify exactly what you need via email.

  • If you denied access to your camera, we now show a prompt that notifies you of this

🦟 Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed keyboard scaling issue on small devices within the Withdrawal and Deposit Screens

  • Fixed bug where some users were unable to log back into their Outlet account

🗓 Future Updates:

  • Savings Calculator to help you calculate how much you can earn

  • Improved workflow for connecting a Wire Transfer Method

  • FaceID Authentication

  • More bug fixes

If there is anything you would like to see in the Outlet app, please reach out! We are working on constantly improving the app for our users.


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