After you download the Outlet Finance app on your mobile device, there are 4 simple steps on how to get your account approved:

1. Fill in your Personal Information.

2. Type in your Social Security Number.

3. Take front and back photos of your Government Issued Photo I.D.

4. Connect your Bank Account.

Once you have completed all steps of onboarding in the Outlet App, you will be notified when your account has been approved. You will then see a "Transfer" button on the bottom of the home dashboard of your Outlet App. Go make your first deposit!

Here are more details on each of the 4 onboarding steps and why each part are needed for approval to use Outlet:

1. Personal Information

Create your login username and password to protect your profile information.

  • Use a personal email and create a password that is hard to guess.

  • Legal Name. This is the name written on all your official documents.

  • Your Date of Birth.

  • The Residential Address that matches your official documents.

  • Your current Mobile Phone Number. Landlines are not accepted.

2. Social Security Number

  • Why do we need this? Federal regulations require that we identify users on our platform, and are required in order to remain in compliance with Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) laws. These records are stored securely and privately.

3. Government Issued Photo Identification (I.D.)

  • Please take a photo of the Front side first, then the backside. Make sure all 4 corners can be seen in the photo.

  • Why do we need this? Sending an image of your I.D. helps prevent fraud, and allows us verify that no one except you is attempting to connect and use your bank account.

  • In some cases, you will be asked to verify your address by providing Proof of Address. Click here to learn about why you may need Proof of Address.

4. Bank Connection

  • To Deposit or Withdraw money in and out of your Outlet Account, you need to connect your Outlet Account with your bank.

  • You can connect to your bank or credit union to the Outlet App. Click here to learn how to connect your bank with Outlet. If you do not see your bank, Click here.

  • You can connect with your bank via ACH or Wire Transfer at this time. Click here to learn more about the difference between ACH and Wire Transfer bank connections.

  • Verify you own this bank account by uploading a one (1) month, complete - all pages, Bank Statement that is no older than 3 months to date.

Need Assistance? Contact Us.

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