Learn more about why we need you to send a Photo ID here.

The Government Issued Photo Identifiers our Compliance Team accepts include a valid and up to date Passport, State ID, or a Driver's License. Other IDs (such as a Green Card or a temporary ID) are not accepted and will not be approved.

How to upload your photo ID to Outlet

When you sign up for the Outlet app, the onboarding process will eventually ask you to upload your photo ID. You can also upload your ID from the Profile tab on the bottom right corner of the app's navigation bar.

Follow these steps to make sure your ID goes through:
1. Make sure your ID is valid and up to date.

2. Make sure your ID has the name and address you had given us already.

3. Find a well-lit area where you can take photos of your ID.

4. Take a photo of the front of the ID first, make sure all 4 corners of the ID are visible.

5. Make sure you can read the information on the front of the ID and can see your face clearly.

6. Take a photo of the back of the ID next, make sure all 4 corners are visible.

7. Make sure you can read the information on the back of the ID clearly.

8. Tap on "Submit."

We will notify you when your ID is approved. This can take up to 48 hours.

Are you still having trouble uploading your ID to the app?

If that still isn't working properly, please email the photos of your ID directly to our Compliance Team. Make sure your photos still meet the requirements in steps 1-8 outlined above.

Please email the photos to ComplianceOnBoarding@SendWyre.com and Support@Outlet.Finance from the email you have linked with your Outlet Account.

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