How to connect your Bank via Wire Transfer:

  1. Go to the profile information tab on Outlet App (bottom right icon)

  2. Click on “Manage Bank Accounts”.

  3. Click "Add Bank"

  4. Select Wire Transfer.

  5. Input Routing and Account Numbers of the bank account that you want to transfer from.

  6. Select either Checking or Savings Account.

  7. If the address associated with the bank account is different than the address we have on file you must add that address.

  8. Upload your bank statement.

  9. Wait 24 hours for bank connection approval.

  10. Receive email from Support@Outlet.Finance notifying bank connection and account approval. (If you did not receive an email: check your spam, junk, promotions, or social folders of your email. Set your email to push emails from Support@Outlet.Finance to your primary inbox).

How to Make a Wire Transfer in the app:

  1. Click "Deposit" on the home screen of your app.

  2. Select the wire transfer bank connection you set up previously.

  3. Put in the amount you want to transfer.

  4. Click confirm and continue.

  5. Take a picture of or write down the wire information that shows on your screen once you are approved to make a wire transfer. This is the account number you need to send your wire transfer from your bank.

  6. Go to your online bank profile, click on wire transfer, and type in the account number and information given in the Outlet App to complete the initiation of the wire transfer to Outlet.

*If you miss #6, your transfer will extend the pending period beyond 48 hours, and after 2 weeks pending the transfer will fail. Make sure you complete step 6!

Watch this video on step by step how to make a wire transfer:

If you need any help or have any questions, do not hesitate to give us a call. We can walk you through the process right over the phone. 855.632.9905

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