NOTE: Most wire transfers leaving banks are subject to a fee from your bank (ranging between $0 - $50 USD). You are required to cover this fee for wire transfer deposits.

We will reimburse any fees incurred on wire deposits of more than $10k. Contact us!

How to connect your Bank via Wire Transfer:

  1. Go to the profile information tab on the Outlet App (bottom right icon).

  2. Scroll down to "Transfers" and tap on “Manage Bank Accounts.”

  3. Tap "Add Bank."

  4. Select "Wire Transfer" bank connection method.

  5. Input the Routing and Account Numbers of your bank account.

  6. Select either "Checking" or "Savings" account.

  7. If the address associated with the bank account is different than the address you have listed on your Outlet profile you must update that address.

  8. Upload your bank statement.

  9. Wait up to 48 hours for your bank connection approval from Compliance.

  10. Receive email from Support@Outlet.Finance notifying bank connection and account approval.

If you did not see your approval email, please check your email inbox's spam, junk, promotions, or social folders. Remember to direct your email to push emails from Support@Outlet.Finance and Info@Outlet.Finance to your primary inbox this way you do not miss any important updates from us in the future about your Outlet Account.

How to Make a Wire Transfer in the app:

  1. Tap "Transfer" on the home dashboard of your Outlet app.

  2. Type the amount you plan to wire transfer into Outlet.

    *NOTE: Wire Transfers have the daily deposit limit of $100k.

  3. Select the wire transfer bank connection. The wire transfer bank connection is listed as: "USD Bank Account Ending in XXXX."

  4. Tap continue. Then take a screenshot of or write down the wire transfer information that appears on your screen after you initiated the wire transfer. This is the bank account information you need to complete your wire transfer with your bank.

  5. Go to your online bank profile, click on wire transfer, and type in the account number, routing number, SWIFT code and any additional information necessary that was provided in the Outlet App to complete the initiation of the wire transfer.

*If you do not complete #5, the wire transfer you initiated in the Outlet app will fail.

The transfer initiated will reflect an extended pending-period as the app waits to receive the wire transfer. Funds will not leave your bank account without this step.

Need Assistance? Contact Us.

Tap the Chat Bubble on this screen or in the Outlet app to start a conversation.

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