Updating your password is important.

Your password keeps all your information safe and private. Consider updating all of your account passwords, not just your Outlet password, every couple of months to prevent hacks and data breaches.

We care about your privacy and safety. Below you will find instructions on how to update your Outlet password and general tips on the best practices for creating a strong password that could not be easily guessed.

How to update your Outlet Account Password:

In the login screen, before you sign into Outlet, you will see to the bottom right of the password text box the "Forgot Password?" link (see photo below).

Once you click on this link...

You will be directed to type in your email associated with your Outlet Account.

Then you will receive an email from us with a secure link to reset your password.

*Remember to record your new password in a safe, memorable place!

Tip: use tools such as password managers to store all of your passwords in one place.

5 tips on creating a strong password:

  1. Use 8 or more characters if possible.

  2. Refrain from using personal information.

  3. Refrain from using real words.

  4. Use symbols or numbers to replace letters.

    • Example: use "3" instead of "E" or "$" instead of "S"

  5. Set a reminder to update your passwords.


Contact Support@Outlet.Finance. We are happy to help you!

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