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If you are moving to a State or Region where Outlet is not located, chat with Support.

Did you move? Are you planning on moving? Or did you type your Outlet Profile address incorrectly? No problem!

In order to change or update your address on Outlet, you will need to send a Proof of Address (POA) document to confirm the new address is associated with your name.

This proof is required by our KYC/AML Compliance Team at Sendwyre to finalize the change of your profile address and ensures the re-approval of your Outlet Account.

If your Proof of Address (POA) document does not match your new address or your legal name listed in your Outlet Account, this will cause a prolonged pending-approval period. This will also temporarily prevent you from accessing your funds in Outlet until all parts submitted match and you are re-approved by Compliance.

Steps for submitting a Proof of Address document:

  1. Take photos of your Proof of Address (POA) document

    • This can be a Bank Statement, a Utility Bill, a Purchase or a Lease Agreement.

    • The Proof of Address document cannot be more than 3 months old.

    • Take photos of all pages with 4 corners of the pages visible to verify the document is a not fraudulent.

  2. Attach photos of the POA document to an email to:

  3. Email Contents:

    • Subject Line: "Change Address: POA Attached"

    • Body of email:

      • [Your Full Name]

      • "Please update my address on file to [NEW (full) address as it appears on the POA document]."

After you send this email, an Outlet Support Representative will reply to your email when they updated your Outlet Account's address. The Outlet Support Representative will also assist you with expediting the approval of your address change with the Compliance Team at Sendwyre.

Allow 1 - 2 business days for approval of your updated account information.

Please Note: You will NOT be able to move funds in or out of Outlet while your account is pending approval with the Compliance Team at Sendwyre.

Need Assistance? Contact Us.

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