There are no fees or penalties associated with closing your account.

When your Outlet Account is closed (deleted), Outlet and our partner SendWyre is required by law to keep some personal information listed in your Outlet Account up to 5 years as is necessary for our businesses to fulfill our agreement with you and our legal obligation to report taxable income you earned while utilizing our services (Reference: Outlet Privacy Policy and SendWyre Privacy Policy).

Please Note: If you earned over $600 in digital asset rewards with Outlet/Sendwyre for the current tax year, Outlet/Sendwyre is required by law to keep some personal data associated with your account for the sole purpose of reporting your taxable income earned at Outlet/Sendwyre to the IRS. You will be notified if you earned over $600 in digital asset rewards and you will receive a 1099-MISC form from Outlet/Sendwyre by February 15th of the following tax year.

Steps for Closing your Outlet Account:

  1. If you recently made a deposit into Outlet, you will need to wait until the funds are available for withdrawal. Then, withdraw all funds in Outlet to your bank.

  2. Confirm your withdrawal from Outlet successfully cleared to your bank account. You can do this by reviewing your bank account's transfer history.

  3. Confirm you have an Outlet Account balance of $0.00.

  4. Contact Support in the chat bubble to request closing your Outlet Account.

  5. Outlet Support will close your account and remove your email from our mailing list.

We greatly appreciate the time you had with us and hope you will join us again in the future. When that time comes, you can create a new account with Outlet.

If applicable, please share with the Support team any feedback you have about your experience using Outlet and why you are closing your Outlet account. Your feedback is greatly appreciated!

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