After a thorough beta-testing period from October 2021 thru March 2022, Outlet finally released wave one of debit cards to over four thousand eligible users on March 7, 2022!

Outlet is continuing to grant access to the debit card in waves for the purpose of monitoring the card/app functionality, along with the fraud catching system we have in place to prevent fraud from being committed with the Outlet debit card.

The team at Outlet appreciates the patience of user's who have Outlet accounts without access to the debit card at this time. Our team will grant access in waves to accounts who meet the eligibility requirements stated below.

Debit Card Eligibility Requirements:

  • The Outlet Account must be approved for use by the KYC/AML compliance team.

  • Approved Outlet Accounts must have a settled balance of $50 or more to be considered for access to the card.

Please Note: An Outlet Account balance of $50 or more does not guarantee access to the debit card. Cards are granted at Outlet's discretion.

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