Outstand Opt-In Forms require no code or HTML to paste or embed. Each Opt-In form will provide a URL that can be added to your website, email, Facebook page, etc. 

To get started, each Opt-In Form is linked to a group in your Contacts page. To create an Opt-In Form, you'll first need to create a group. You can also choose an existing group for the Opt-In Form.

Select which fields you'd like to include in your form, and designate if these fields are required or not required.
** Note that the first name, last name and email address are required by default.

If there are multiple profiles available in the account, select a profile for the form. The form will pull the logo, brand color, and email address from the profile.

The text fields are optional. A title, description, footer, and thank you message can be inserted into the Opt-In Form.
The Redirect is a web page that the prospect will be taken to once they've completed the opt-in form. A few options for redirects would be a recent blog entry, your company website, or even a landing page to download a free ebook. 

Once the Opt-In Form is saved, a URL for the form will be available at the top of the page. 

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