The Tracker is where you can check to see how your Outstand messages are performing with their recipients. 

What the Tracker tells you

The Tracker displays four different metrics for each email message sent:

  1. Opens: The total number of recipients who opened your email.

  2. Clicks: The total number of links clicked, based on total recipients.

  3. Opt-Outs: The total number of recipients who chose to unsubscribe from your messages, based on this specific email.

  4. Bounces: The total number of emails that were not delivered to their recipients.

Understanding opt-outs

When a recipient no longer wants to receive your emails, they may choose to unsubscribe, or opt out of receiving them again. When someone does opt out, Outstand automatically removes that recipient from any future email sends.

You may create a Group opt-in form to receive explicit consent from your Contacts. receiving your emails, but must do so explicitly. To do this, they will need to fill out an opt-in form for one of your Groups. 

Creating a Group opt-in form is quick and easy. Learn how to do it here.

Understanding bounce rate

A “bounce” is when an email fails to send to its intended recipient.

If you find that a considerable number of your sent emails are bouncing, it might be a good idea to clean your Contact list (we recommend a service like You can also contact our Support team at, or use our Intercom chat.

Outstand lets you assign previously sent messages to your Library so you can quickly implement an email without having to redesign it.

  1. From the Tracker menu, click the More Options icon to the right of which message you wish to add to your Library ( … )

  2. Select “Add to Library”.

  3. Name your message, then select “Add”.

  4. Go to the Library menu to locate your new message.

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