Our system automatically identifies and purges duplicate contacts when you import them from an external source like Gmail or a .csv file. However, our system will only recognize and purge duplicates with identical first names, last names, and email addresses. For instance, two contacts in a .csv named Jon Snow, but our system would import both of them if they had different email addresses.

Furthermore, our system allows you to manually add duplicate contacts. Selecting "+ Add Contact" and creating an exact replica of a contact that's already in the system will not be flagged as a duplicate. 

There are several ways of dealing with duplicate contacts. One option is to manually comb through your address book and delete duplicates. This works well for small groups, but what about large lists? The simple solution is to export your address book to Excel and use their "Remove Duplicate" feature. First, go to Contacts > All Contacts and the select the Export button.

Export your address book to Excel, highlight the columns and rows to search for duplicates > go to Data > Remove Duplicates

This cleaned list can then be re-imported to your Outstand account. 

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