From left to right, here's a rundown on the Tracker icons.

Opens - Tracks if a recipient opened your email. 

• Clicks - If you insert a link in your message, or have a website/social media included in your contact info, Tracker will record if they click on your website, facebook page, etc. 

An open is not a click. Opens just mean they looked at your message, but they didn't click anything.

Click tracking is great because it shows a deeper level of engagement. Not only did they open your email, they were interested enough to click around. 

• Opt-Outs - There is an unsubscribe link located at the bottom of every message. If someone no longer want to receive email from you, they can unsubscribe. This will not delete the contact from your address book, but it will no longer allow you to send emails to this person through your Outstand account (you can still email them through your regular email).

An unsubscribe will also track a click. 

• Bounce - A bounce is an undeliverable message, and is typically the result of an invalid email address, such as a misspelled address, or the address is no longer active.

It can also occur if the recipient's email server being unable to accept the message. This can be due to a full inbox, technical difficulties on their end, or their email server rejecting the email all together (Attachment too large, content deemed "spammy" by their spam filter, etc.). 

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